Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Alexous Hof

Alexous Hof, Program Coordinator

My name is Alexous Hof, but you can call me Alex! I am the Program Coordinator at the Kearney YMCA. I started this position in October 2021 and am so lucky to be apart of such an amazing team. The YMCA is a place where I am able to see so many children/adults grow and express themselves through various programs.
I grew up in Red Cloud, NE and continued my education at Peru State College. I received my Bachelors degree in Business Marketing and a minor in Computer Management and Information Systems. While attending college I loved participating in the intramural sports. With intramurals I was able to play sports I never had before like ultimate frisbee and flag football. Here at the YMCA we offer so many different programs for all ages, it is amazing seeing people do something they enjoy.
In my spare time I enjoy fishing, disc golf, pickleball, puzzles, and spending time with my dog Ivy. You might even be able to spot me out at Cottonmill Park playing disc golf in the morning with Ivy. I am always around and my door is open. Please come on in if you ever need anything or even if you just want to talk!
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