Masks Required

We will be requiring that all individuals wear masks upon entry and exit. You will not be asked to wear a mask while working out.

Creative Arts: Guitar


Make your own kind of music at the Y’s guitar classes!  With the YMCA’s music program, your child can learn how to play the guitar. Whether your child has only strummed a few strings or just getting started we are excited to help them discover the world of music.

Have questions? Email Peg Sinnard at:

Level 1: Intro to Guitar (1st-5th)

Join us in learning the fun of playing the guitar! You will learn the basic notes on each string which is approximately 10-12 chords, and how to tune your guitar. Instruction materials are provided. If you have a music, please bring it!

Level 2: The Next Chords (2nd-Middle School)

We would love for your young budding musician to join us in Level 2: The Next Chords! For this class we recommend that all our young musician know: the notes on the first 3 strings, basic strumming patterns, and a few basic chords. We want your budding musician to feel confident with their guitar abilities so if they do feel like this could be a little overwhelming it may be recommend to register for Level 1. Instruction materials are provided. If you have a music stand, please bring it! You will need a guitar to participate.

Level 3: Strumming On Up! (2nd-Middle School)

We are getting those young musicians ready for the stage! We can’t wait to see how much fun they are going to have with Peg! In this level we recommend that your young musician is comfortable with: all information from Level 1 & 2. They will learn chord structures, transposing music, as well as other strumming and picking styles.

What to bring for class:

  • Guitar
  • Guitar Pick
  • Music Stand (If you have access to one)

What is provided:

  • Music
  • Lesson Materials
  • Guitar Picks (If needed)

If you have any guitars that you are not using, please consider donating them to our Creative Arts Program!