Get a Kid in the Game

Get a Kid in the Game Fundraisers

As a parent or caring adult of a child in sports, you’ve seen that it’s more than exercise. Our kids learn teamwork, resilience, and determination. They are also more likely to see improvements in schoolwork, will aspire to graduate college and are more community-minded.

However, many families in our community struggle to provide for themselves, let alone put their children in sports. The impacts of the Coronavirus have only increased these financial barriers. As a result, low-income youth in our neighborhoods do not get to play organized sports and miss the opportunity to build these critical skills and friendships.

When you give to the Y, you’re giving children in our community the chance to be a kid. Donations from our Get a Kid in the Game campaign go directly back to our youth, ensuring every child is able to be part of a team and get in the game. Your generosity makes our goal possible.

Annual Fundraisers:

  • Spring Fundraiser: Basketball Free Throw Challenge
  • Fall Fundraiser: Football Throw and Volleyball Serve Challenge
  • Winter Fundraiser: Soccer Shot Challenge


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