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Financial assistance helps men, women and children of all ages. Your gift will have a major impact in our community, bringing a family together, helping a child learn to swim, or discovering all the adventures that await them at camp.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift is tax-deductible. And we make sure that 100% of your contribution stays in your community, right here in your own neighborhood.

Meet Sophia

My name is Sophia Ann Gulachi-Johnson. I am 9 years old and am in the 4th grade at Park Elementary. 'Ohana' means family. Family is very important to me especially because I am adopted. I may not be in the richest of families, nor can I get the Kindle Fire I bug my mother for, but my family is full of love, respect and kindness. We care about each other very much. When I think about the YMCA I think about Ohana, family. The people at the Y are like my family and they care about me and help me learn about things that I would not have learned if it wasn't for the YMCA.


This past September I found my favorite sport of all time and that is swimming. I tried out for the team and never thought I would be accepted but I was! I have worked hard. All three of our coaches, Miss Pamela, Mr. Jamie, and Mr. Justin are awesome. I have really connected with Coach Justin. He knows just how to challenge and encourage me. Even when I come in last all of the coaches say, "good job Sophia".My family struggles financially. Mom was going to cancel our membership when Miss Cindy told her about the financial assistance program. Without the help from this program, we would not be members of the Y. I have done many activities at the Y. I always have been treated well and not treated any different than anyone else."

I and my mom and dad thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering the financial assistance program. I personally want to thank you for helping me 

Once again thank you for all you have done and do for me and the community.create another Ohana, another family. One can never have too many families!

With love and respect,

Sophia Gulachi-Johnson





Action Statement

The Y is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We make every effort to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Click to read more about our financial assistance.