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Hallie Ganz

Hallie Ganz, Group Ex. & Personal Training Coordinator

What’s up, what’s up and hello from the Group Ex department! My name is Hallie Ganz and I have been with the Kearney Family YMCA for 5 years now! I started off as an instructor for one of our classes, managed the Wellness Center for a bit, and now here I am!  Currently, I am  the Group Exercise  Coordinator, a Group Exercise  Instructor and an ACE     Certified Personal Trainer here at the Y.

The Kearney Family YMCA is my home away from home. When I’m not home with my husband Jeff and kids, running errands or just running, I am at the Y working or playing. I love helping, motivating, and inspiring others to reach their fitness goals!

My family enjoys the YMCA as well. My children, Augusta and Jasper, have somewhat become the “Mascots” for the Kearney Family Y, making it their favorite place to be. They feel just as comfortable playing in the gym, child-watch area, and Family Center, as they do at home. Both Augusta and Jasper take part in organized youth programs, swim lessons and Child Care Day Camps.

It is my privilege to be a part of this YMCA family and community. If you have any questions about your fitness, wellness, or health feel free to reach out to me at!


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