Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Jr. Loper Basketball

Jr. Loper Basketball

YMCA Junior Lopers Basketball program focuses on teaching fundamentals, sportsmanship and teamwork through games and practices. We follow an “everyone plays” motto which means that during the season every player receives equal practice time and plays at least half of every game. As part of a team, everyone contributes to the team’s success. We believe that kids who have fun playing sports build a lifetime love of healthy competition, and the best way to keep it enjoyable is to keep everyone involved. Teams will be formed by Y staff based on grade and school attended.

About the Program

Roster Size Max:

K-1st: 10 players/team
2nd grade and above: 12 players/team

Members: $35
Non-Members $55
$10 Late Fee is applied closer to the registration deadline.

Included with Registration:

  • VIP Pass to UNK games
  • YMCA Jr. Loper Basketball Jersey
  • Jr. Loper Basketball Clinic led by UNK players & coaches



  • Micro Basketball – K –1st Grade: Boys/Girls
  • 2nd – 3rd Grade: Boys/Girls
  • 4th – 5th Grade: Boys/Girls
  • 6th – 7th Grade: Boys/Girls
  • Teams will be combined into coed if registration doesn’t allow for separate boys and girls divisions
  • Micro Basketball – Introduction to team Basketball (4v4) – 7 games per season
  • 7 games per season 2nd -3rd Grade
  • 4-7th grade 6 Regular Season games followed by a tournament

No jewelry can be worn during games or practices. Jersey will be provided to players prior to first game.

Practice Schedules:
1 Practice per week scheduled by coach

Kindergarten and 1st grade teams will have a 30 minute practice before their games on Saturdays, rather than a practice scheduled during the week.