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We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Jr. Loper Volleyball

Jr. Lopers Volleyball

YMCA Jr. Loper Volleyball focuses on teaching fundamentals, sportsmanship and teamwork through games and practices. We follow an “everyone plays” motto which means that during the season players receives equal practice time and play at least 1/2 of every game. As part of a team, everyone contributes to the team’s success. We believe that kids who have fun playing sports build a lifetime love of healthy competition, and the best way to keep it enjoyable is to keep everyone involved.

Teams will be formed by Y staff based on grade & school attended.

About the Program

Roster Size:

Micro Volleyball (K-1st): 4v4
Jr. Loper Volleyball (2nd-7th): 6v6


$10 Late Fee is applied closer to the registration deadline.

Jr. Loper Volleyball Participants Receive:

  • Jr. Loper Volleyball Clinic led by UNK Volleyball Team-Date TBD
  • VIP Pass to UNK Athletic Events
  • YMCA Jr. Loper Volleyball Jersey


  • K-1st Grade
  • 2-3rd Grade
  • 4-5th Grade
  • 6-7th Grade

Season Schedules

  • Practices are scheduled by the coach of the teams at the coaches meeting.
  • Team & Coach name, rosters, and schedules will be posted on our Playerspace App. 
  • Login is email used for registration

Micro Volleyball : K-1st Grade (4v4)

  • Introduction to team volleyball
  • 6 weeks of volleyball per season
  • Week 1: practice session to focus on fundamentals and introduction to the game
  • Week 2: Format will be a 30 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game
  • Meets on Saturday mornings at the Y – no weekly practices
  • Equal playing time, modified rules and lower net height

Jr. Loper Volleyball: 2-7th grade (6v6)

  • 2-3rd Grade: 6 games per season, one practice per week
  • 4-7th Grade: 5 games per season followed by tournament. Minimum of 1 practice per week. Option to have two practices per week.
  • Practices: scheduled by volunteer coach
  • Game Day: Games will be played on Saturdays
  • Equal playing time, modified rules and net height
  • Divisions: 2-3rd Grade, 4-5th Grade, 6-7th Grade


Coaches, please have players tuck in their jerseys. Each team will have access to practice balls and games balls. No jewelry, watches, earrings or metal hair clips. Players must wear non-marking tennis shoes. Knee pads are optional but recommended.