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Kearney YMCA offers financial assistance for memberships

by Christopher Stum Saturday, January 2nd 2021

KEARNEY, Neb. — With a new year here and many New Year’s Resolutions to stay healthy in place, the Kearney YMCA is now reducing their membership prices to help those struggling financially.

“We really want to make sure that we’re encouraging people to be successful from the moment they join to be a member,” said Membership Services Manager, Dillon Nelson.

It’s a solution to the resolution.

This year the Kearney YMCA is taking their prices back to what they were two decades ago in an effort to maintain their memberships, but also help those who want to join a gym but may not be able to afford a membership due to financial reasons.

“We’re here to be an outlet for the community and our members, so we want to continue doing that even if its on a limited basis or on a structured basis that was a little different than last year,” said Ray Longoria, CEO.

During January, Nelson said all membership joining fees have been reduced to twenty dollars per person, down from their normal price of fifty dollars per person.

And while some may still have reserved feelings on going to workout in gyms, Nelson says they’re working overtime to make sure their facilities continue to be a safe place.

“It is something that we are wanting to grow our membership, but not for the fact of membership, but that we want people to have a place that they can go to get away mentally, where they can actually start reconnecting with people and feeling in a safe environment,” said Nelson.

To meet the standards of the CDC and local health departments, Nelson says employees are disinfecting equipment and highly touched surfaces regularly.

And while they have reduced the capacity of their classes, the YMCA said it doesn’t take away from the fact that they’ll do whatever they can to help make sure their members are staying healthy during a pandemic.

“We understand families have all been hit different, so we still again want to be there for our community anyway we can,” said Longoria.

If you’d like to apply for assistance for a membership, you can find more information here.