Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Policies: Aquatics / Pool

Aquatics / Pool Policies

Swim Age Guidelines

Children ages 8 and under who are unable to pass the swim test MUST have adult supervision in the water with-in an arm’s reach. Lifejackets may be worn, but do not replace the need for adult supervision.

Children 9-12 years may be in the pool unaccompanied, but a parent must remain in the facility.

Children 13 and up may be in the pool and facility unaccompanied.

Swim Attire

Wear family appropriate and clean swim attire only.

Storm Weather: Lightening

In cases of thunderstorms should lightning strike within 10 miles of the facility the pool will shut down until the lightning is no longer within the stated distance.

Life-jackets, Inflatables, and Flotation Devices

Life-jackets may be worn, but do not replace the need for adult supervision.

Only U.S. Coast Guard approved life-jackets are allowed. Users must remain within arm’s reach of an adult.

Water wings or other inflatable devices are not permitted unless they are United States Coast Guard approved.

Pool Diapers

All children that are not potty-trained must wear swim diapers or fitted plastic pants. Standard diapers are not allowed.

Rest Breaks

Rest breaks may be called at the lifeguards discretion. All swimmers must exit the pool during breaks.

Pool Etiquette & Behavior

A cleansing shower is required before entering the pool.

No running, boisterous or rough play (except during YMCA supervised water sports) is permitted in the pool or on the runways, diving docks, floats, platforms or in the dressing rooms.

Spitting or spouting water, blowing your nose, or any other similar activities in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.

Diving is only allowed from the far deep end of the pool Anyone jumping off the side of the pool must do so facing forward. No back dives, flips, cartwheels, or pushing is allowed in any area of the pool.

No extended breath-holding or hyperventilation.

Glass and shatter-able items are prohibited in the pool area.

Do not run or engage in rough play in the pool area or locker rooms.

Use of Non-YMCA Swim Instructors/coaches is prohibited within our facility.