Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Policies: Locker Rooms

Locker Rooms & Private Changing Room Policies

The Y requests that children age 17 and under use the appropriate locker room area or family changing rooms. The Kearney Family YMCA has designated Private Changing areas for youth who are not directly supervised by a parent/guardian.

Cell phone use is prohibited in all locker rooms and changing rooms.

Anyone caught taking pictures within said areas of another person without their permission or knowledge will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law by the Y and may lead to the termination of their membership.

Please contact our Welcome Center for should you have any concerns or questions.


Area Ages:

Men’s Locker Room: Available for use by any male 18 or older

Boy’s Locker Room: Available for use by any male 17 or younger

Women’s Locker Room: Available for use by any female 18 or older

Girl’s Locker Room: Available for use by any female 17 or younger

Steam Rooms: Available for use 18 or older, maximum capacity 6, clothing is required, nobody with a  communicable disease, individuals tampering with system can be suspended for repeated offense

For the privacy and consideration of our members, children of the opposite sex are not allowed in the locker rooms. Please utilize our private changing rooms for your convenience to assist your child.

Locker Rentals

Small and Medium locker rentals are available on a monthly or annual rental basis. Members will be allowed to select what locker they prefer in the correct space. Individuals using combination locks will be asked to provide their combination to Welcome Center staff to have it notated on the members unit.

Should there be a immediate need to access the contents of the locker the YMCA does reserve the right to clip any locks placed on the unit.

Private Changing Rooms

Available for use by any gender of any age. Lockers are not for rent in this location.

Lost & Found

We do retain lost and found items whenever possible. Items will be kept 14 day and then given to charities in the community that are in need. Please contact our Welcome Center to inquire about lost items.

The Kearney Family YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Should anything be believed to be stolen, we encourage individuals to call the Kearney Police. The Kearney Y will work and follow their guidelines and procedures.