Locker Rooms

Men & Women's locker rooms will be closed as of 10.12 due to remodel process beginning. Private Shower areas will remain open.

Family Stage

Family Stage: Rookies Program

There are some of these little kids the first time they came in they were very, very shy. They had no idea about different stage positions. They didn’t know much about emotions and acting and they just improve each week. Very few of them knew each other before this and they work together so well.” –Peg Sinnard

Junior Performers with Parents (2-5 years)

Release your junior performer’s imagination and creativity! At the Y, we believe young people can benefit from creative outlets that encourage self-expression and discovery. Every class cultivates a safe, fun and nurturing environment that allows kids to take risks in creating art and performing. These classes will help develop and encourage your junior performer’s budding imagination by introducing them to the world of drama.

A parent, high school aged sibling or guardian is required to help engage with activities.