Masks Required

Wednesday November 11th we will be requiring that all individuals wear masks upon entry and exit. You will not be asked to wear a mask while working out.

Fitness On-Demand

Fitness On-Demand

[Included with Membership]

Fitness On Demand (FOD) is a fabulous new self-service virtual workout system that allows users to walk up and instantly begin their workout on their schedule. We know that your schedule is hectic and changes every day and a scheduled exercise class doesn’t always fit. Fitness On Demand is the perfect solution! No more subscriptions to online workouts that limit you to their brand of exercise! FOD carries 200+ videos from nationally recognized leaders in the fitness industry and new ones are added every 3 months.

Group Exercise Room (Studio) #1

  • Work out ANY TIME the Group Exercise Room (Studio) #1 and a real live class is not scheduled.  Talk about convenience! 
  • Choose YOUR workout format: Indoor Cycling, yoga, dance aerobics, core, strength, and more!
  • Choose the length of workout which fits YOUR schedule! Got just 15 minutes?  FOD can handle that!  Maybe 35 minutes?  FOD can handle that! 
  • Choose the intensity (difficulty level), and the FOD system will present options for you to choose from.
  • Privacy when working out! You can use the system solo or with a few friends!
  • Included with Kearney Family YMCA membership.

How to launch Fitness On-Demand:

  1. Check with the Welcome Center to see if the room is available
    • If equipment is needed staff will provide it for you!
  2. Right of the Kiosk, turn the dial to set the timer
    • Allow 30 seconds for the screen to drop.
  3. Select your workout.
  4. Left of the Kiosk, volume to your adjusted with the White dial.
  5. Once the workout video is over:
    • Put the equipment away.
    • Feel accomplished on your workout!*
    • Congrats you did it!

*The screen will raise itself once the timer is up!

If at any time you want to change your video, just stop the current one and change over! Don’t forget to adjust the timer!