Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Personal Training

Personal Training

We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as personal attention that comes from a personal trainer. The Kearney Y offers personal training to help you set and meet your specific goals. Those goals may be: a change in body composition by losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass or training for a specific event or even simply sharing knowledge about living a healthier lifestyle. Our Personal Trainers achieve this by creating a unique program tailored for you. Whatever your training goals are, we will take your fitness level to new heights! With Personal Training, you will receive a personalized program, individual and safe instruction, motivation, support and engagement.

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Free Consultation-Members Perk

Not sure if Personal Training is something you really want to try? Worried you won’t get the right trainer for you? Members of the Kearney Y can sit down with a Personal Trainer for a free consultation. This gives you the chance to meet them, ask yours questions, and see if they are a fit for you! Click the Register button and sign up for the interest program. A Personal Trainer based on your preferences you mention in the interest program will contact you to set-up a time to meet and chat!