Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Strong Families Campaign Donors

Strong Families Campaign Donors

You are the difference.

Thank you for your donation. Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the families and youth of Kearney. The funds raised will go toward membership and program assistance the Y offers.


Mike and Kathy Finker

Parker Hannifin

Dallas and Carolyn Wegner


Jerry and Debbie Fast

Dan and Nancy Newman

Denny and Amy Placzek

Rick and Karen Rhoads

Michael and Diane Schnieders

James and Kelly Shada

Alvin and Pat Whisler

Evan Kinney and Lissa Woodruff


Dick and Barb Beechner

Mark and Kimberly Bush

John and Staci Cannon

Great Plains Asbestos Control Inc

Anthony and Erin Finke

Jeff and Hallie Ganz

Kevin Barber and Lori Gartner

Rusty and Kimberly Hilliard

Rusty and Kimberly Hilliard

John and Melissa Hoggatt

Pfizer Foundation

Rod and Cathy Johnson

Nick and Kaleigh Johnson

Johnson Imperial Homes

Dale and Sue Klein

Brad and Cindy Lewis

Greg and Cindy Mangels

Norris and Lori Marshall

David McConnell

Robert and Tova Shaffer

Scott and Lori Smith

Randy Tonniges

Tom and Mikki Tye


Kent and Cindy Barney

Graten Beavers

Steven and Megan Boyer

Clarence and Pamela Brown

Lonty and Rachelle Bryant

Stephen and Laura Bush

Farrell and Cherie Calcaterra

Shelby Campbell

David and Kimberly Cantral

Steve and Mary Jo Chatelain

Kevin and Jill Fast

Blake and Becky Holscher

Steven Huffman

J.C. Penney

Bill Lindsay and Kay Keifer

Pete and Jane Kotsiopulos

Mark and Eileen Kottmeyer

Ray and Cintia Longoria

Nolan and Erin May

Matt and Kim Meister

Mark and Jayne Meyer

Mike Wescott and Ann Miller

Dave and Roxanne Oldfather

Larry and LeeAnn Roepke

Mark and Diane Sutko

Steven and Barbara Voigt

Jeff and Betty Warren

Craig and Nacy Weber

Jim and Rita Weber

Michael and Carrie Whiting

Dr. John and Reven Wright


Jon and Leslie Abegglen

Les and Jackie Adelung

Marc and Melissa Bailey

George Bascom

Rod & Jane Behrhorst

Michael and Ranee Borowski

Adrian and Susie Boykin

Matthew and Randi Broekemeir

Michael and Tera Bruce

Steve Buttress and Jan Weber

Lanny and Karen Carlson

Joey and Amber Cochran

Stan and Carol Dart

Richard and Brenda Dunkel

Dana and Beth Ernst

Jim and Katie Fields

Gregory Fox

Jerald and Janet Fox

Robert and Rachel Fox

Lee and Michelle Fritson

Casey’s General Stores

Bryon and Sheryl Hansen

Ralph and Pam Hanson

Kearney Elks Lodge

Ezequiel and Michelle Hayes

Tim and Susan Higgins

Doug and Marcie Holmes

Forrest and Tanya Holoubeck

Paul and Tammy Jackson

Brad Kernick

Kevin and Julie Kershner 

Dan and Collette Kinzie

Tom and Bailee Knott

Gene and Connie Koepke

Keith and Tammy Koupal

Marlene Kriha

Cory and Jaci Kruse

Sarah Kubik

Lind Eye Care

John and Kim Lowe

John and Leslie Marsh

Gary and Sharon Mason

Mike and Katie Mathews

Mark and Jennifer McBride

Tom McCarty

Charles Messbarger

Robert and Sandi Moncrief

Chris and Charlotte Mroczek

Dennis and Marsha Nelson

Dillon Nelson

Conrad’s Auto Center

Troy and Lisa Nielsen

Brady and Sara O’Hare

Jesse and Melissa Pandorf

Doug and Kathie Peterson

Jana Peterson

Trevor and Kelsey Peterson

Scott and Lisa Phillips

Joshua Pierson

Glen and Luzy Powell

Jeff and Cindi Richter

Ron and Mary Scott

Jason and Bridget Sharp

Greg and Sanae Shea

Mike and Julie Shuler

Terry and Judi Sickler

Dan and Julie Speirs

Gary and Julie Steffensmeier

Gene and Kristi Svec

Henry and Phyllis Thorne

Curtis and Carol Wegner

David and Julie Weir

Darren and Elizabeth Wiens

Jim and Sheila Williams


Trevor and Laura Aden

Jamie Bollwitt and Megan Adkins

Theodore and Marian Allwardt

Dale and Kathy Arp

Greg and Amber Benson

Bruce and Tammy Blankenship

Dale and Karla Broekemeier

Greg and Mary Broekemier

Terry and Mary Bryson

Shelby Budde

Ryan Buhrow

Jeremy and Andrea Childress

Anthony Daley

Kevin and Beth Davis

Roger and Cecelia Davis

Judith Dering

Joni Duncan

Laini Eddy

Bruce and Leanne Elder

Lee and Beth Farrell

Scott and Anna Feddersen

Scott and Bridget Fitzke

Greg and Joyce Frieden

Bill and Denise Giffin

Gene and Kathy Gosch

Brian and Amy Graham

Dale and Sue Greenwald

Corbin Hansen

Ford and Theresa Harris

Marcus and Nicole Harvey

Kent and Stacy Heisler

Lyle Hill

Bob and Artie Hobbs

Lindsay Hunt

Randy and Robyn Jackson

Ron and Chris Johns

Matthew and Anne Johnson

Linda and Michael Johnson

Matt and Jill Keating

Jackie Kernick

Christopher and Kimberly Klingelhoefer

Jack Potts and Linda Knipping

Max Knipping

Matt and Jessica Kollars

Tim and Virginia Kotschwar

Kalli Koubek

Martin and Carrie Kracl

Spencer and Sarah Kuhl

Brandi Lemek

Tyler Long

Hugo and Vanessa Longoria

Jay and Nikki Masek

Jade Max

Doug and Crystle McCarty

Darrell and Darla Morris

Sherry Morrow

Patrick and Denise Neill

Zach and April Nelson

Bayleigh Nemeth

Dave and Wendy Nickel

Tom and Jill Nickerson

Howard and Penny Parker

Jori and Kerri Pearson

Charles and Nancy Peek

Linda Peterson

Chase and Heather Placzek

Dave and Jaci Pohl

Lance and Kristy Potthoff

Ken and Nancy Roth

Tyler and Kara Schake

Peg Sinnard

Andrew and Leah Stade

Robin and Lynnette Stevens

Paul and Shauna Talbert

Robert and Michelle Tubbs

Stephanie Unick

Tonya Walton

Connie Weight

Wendell and Cindy Wessels

Nick and Nancy Zimmer