Tai Chi

Tai Chi

[Included with Membership]
The “Movement Improvement” program uses specifically chosen, and sometimes modified, moves from standard Tai Chi and Qi Gong (energy development) exercises. These moves increase strength, flexibility, cardio-pulmonary function and general health.

Group Exercise Room (Studio) #1



More about the class:

· Lengthen & stretch all muscle systems

· Create greater energy for everyday activities

· Improve or maintain general health, recover from illness or injury, or focus on specific health issues.

· Stress management is accomplished through breathing    techniques & movements performed in a meditative-like  manner.

· Each student chooses the level at which he/she will work

· Tai Chi can be adapted to each student’s desires and needs.

· Taught in a relaxing & casual manner, with laughter and    serious work, this class provides something for everyone!