Masks Required

We will be requiring that all individuals wear masks upon entry and exit. You will not be asked to wear a mask while working out.

Teen Bootcamp

Teen Bootcamp

Teen Bootcamp is intended to provide a supervised introduction to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle through a fun
but challenging training program. Strength training techniques will be demonstrated with an emphasis on proper form
and execution; versus the amount of weight lifted.

Bootcamp provides an intense but fun workout that improve strength, endurance, and cardiovascular performance
through body weight movements, partner exercising and conditioning drills. You’ll form friendships with your fellow
bootcampers as you progress in your fitness together!

Participants will also be introduced and taught how to properly use other fitness equipment such as:
Kettlebells, ropes, cycling bikes, medicine balls, weighted bars, resistance bands, speed & agility ladders, etc.
Flexibility, cardiovascular, strength & conditioning and basic principles of nutrition and gym etiquette will be covered.