Lap Lane Reservations

We will no longer be requiring reservations for Lap Lanes as of May 1st, 2022.

Teen Strength Training

Teen Strength Training

Teen Strength Training is intended to provide a supervised introduction to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Strength training techniques will be demonstrated with an emphasis on proper form and execution; versus the amount of weight lifted.

Participants will learn how to properly use the cardiovascular & circuit equipment in our Wellness Center. Participants will also be introduced and taught how to properly use other fitness equipment such as: Kettlebells, medicine balls, weighted bars, resistance bands, speed & agility ladders, etc. Flexibility training, cardiovascular training, strength & conditioning Instruction, body weight exercises, basic principles of nutrition and gym etiquette will covered. This program is great for developing basic fundamentals to prevent injuries & promote physical fitness as a healthy lifestyle.

Have questions? Email Courtney Burbach @ or Terri Miller (Instructor) @