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Pool Guidelines and Safety Tips

For the safety of all of our guests, the YMCA has developed rules and guidelines for use of our facilities.  Please follow these rules so that everyone may have an enjoyable time at the Y! Here are some tips on keeping your children safe and still giving them the opportunity to make the most out of their swimming experience!

 DO: Enroll your children in swimming lessons. Make sure they learn how to swim from a trained professional. The Y swimming program will teach them how to be safe in and out of the water.

DO: Swim with your children. There is no better way to keep an eye on them! It’s going to be hot, so hop in and cool off with your kids!

DON’T: Drop your child off if they are under the age of 8 OR if they cannot pass a swim test. They will not be allowed to swim without you in the water with them.

 1. Children MUST be 8 years old or older AND be able to pass a Lifeguard approved swim test to use the pool without a parent/adult in the water with them.
2. No running, boisterous or rough play, except supervised water sports, is permitted in the pool, or on the runways, diving blocks, floats, platforms, or in the dressing rooms.
3. Spitting or spouting of water, blowing the nose or any other similar activities in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.
4. Diving is only allowed from the far deep end of the pool. Anyone jumping off of the side of the pool must do so facing forward. No back dives, flips, cartwheels, or pushing is allowed in any area of the pool.
5. Rest breaks may be called at the lifeguard’s discretion. All patrons must exit the pool area during rest breaks.
6. Be respectful of those swimming around you.
7. The lifeguard is the authority on the pool deck. Failure to follow the lifeguard’s instructions or disrespectful behavior is adequate grounds for ejection from the YMCA.

Mandatory Rest Breaks will be enforced at the following times: 7:45-8AM & 3-3:15PM


You can help keep children safe around water. Take these steps to ensure they enjoy water-related activities safely.

· NEVER leave children alone near a pool, spa, bathtub, bucket or any standing water in which a child's nose or mouth may be submerged
·ASSIGN an adult "water watcher" who is committed to actively supervising the pool area. This means they may not talk on a cell phone, read a book, or otherwise be distracted. Have them take the Water Watcher Pledge (below)
· Inexperienced swimmers and non-swimmers should WEAR a Coast Guard-approved lifejacket around water
· Children should STAY AWAY from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapments
· ENROLL children in swim lessons
· LEARN to swim yourself if you don't know how

 To learn more about how to help all children stay safe around water, visit ymca.net/watersafety

Take the Water Watcher Pledge:

As a Water Watcher on duty, I pledge to:
·CONSTANTLY WATCH the children in and near the water
-WAIT to socialize and drink alcohol until I am of duty
-DOUBLE CHECK to make sure children are wearing appropriate personal flotation devices
-WEAR an item to identify myself as the Water Watcher
-STAY on duty until officially relieved by another Water Watcher


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